If you have any suggestions for what the Library can do to improve your time spent here with us, let us know!  You can do one of three things:

*Email the Library at

*Start a live chat with us from the Library’s home page at

*Click on the Library Alert feature (located on the Library computers’ desktops) and leave your comment there

The last two methods are anonymous, so please don’t hesitate to voice your opinions.  Don’t hold those burning thoughts inside any longer!

Patio Entrance


The new outdoor patio entrance that leads directly to the Library is now open!  Having trouble placing where the outside doors are located?  Just walk past door 5A of the CC (Corporate Conference Center) building, and follow the big, gray sidewalk to the side of the SC (Student Center) building.  It will lead you straight to these doors, as pictured above.

So bypass all of those twists and turns in the building, and get to us faster!

Study Room!


Come one, come all!  But not at the same time, please…. :)

The Library now has one study room available for students to use this semester.  As before, there is a sign-up sheet posted on the door.  So please, remember to sign up in advance if you know you are going to want to use the room at a certain time during the week.  Thank you!

Special Collections


If you weren’t already aware, we have a “Special Collections” area located immediately to the right when you enter the Library.  Books within here are divided into 3 different sections and are identified by colored stickers.  There are green stickers for “Job Hunting,” purple stickers for “Study Success,” and blue stickers for “Test Prep.”

Have an upcoming exam that you would like to study for?  Need to brush up on algebra?  Or do you need some guidance on writing a knock-out resume?  If any of these examples apply, then this is the area for you!  

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