New Printers!


The Library will be welcoming 3 new printers into our home tomorrow (Friday) afternoon.  These printers will be able to better handle the volume of print jobs that students do daily.  PLUS a better printing solution is on its way!  Students will soon be able to retrieve print jobs immediately from any printer.  That means no digging through a mountain of papers to find your print job.  Yay!

Personal Finance Resources


Need some advice on how to save money and lower your student debt?  The Library can help!  We have numerous books on how to create a plan, set up a budget, and more, some of which are now set up on display for your convenience.  It’s never too late to formulate a plan and get started on saving money!

Interested in FREE money??  Apply for scholarships through NWTC!  The deadline for students to apply for a Spring 2015 NWTC Scholarship is midnight, November 1st.  It’s easy to apply.  Just follow these four simple steps:

  1. Log into the my.NWTC student portal
  2. Click on the “Finances” header
  3. Scroll down and click on the “Apply for a Scholarship” link under the “Scholarships” header
  4. From there you can start an application, search for scholarships, review submitted applications, and manage your Letters of Recommendation (aka – send reminder emails to people you have requested to write a letter of recommendation, even after your application is submitted)

Visit NWTC’s scholarship web site to learn more about NWTC scholarships.

More Services Now Located in the Library!


It’s no rumor…the Library has gained some new neighbors!  You will now find Academic Coaching, the Math Lab, and the Writing Lab within the Library in SC215.  The purpose of this permanent move is to tie together key services and resources for students and have them in one central location.

Need to utilize one of these areas?  You can view the tutoring lab schedules here:



Your instructor wants you to use peer-reviewed journal articles.  Hint: that does not mean that your friends need to read the articles first.  It means that experts had to read the article before the author could publish it.  The Library makes it easy to find those high-quality journals by letting you click “peer-reviewed” in Library search.  Pretty easy, huh?

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