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Stock up on books for your next vacation – there’s plenty of summer left!  Come into the Library and check out our audiobook and fiction collections.  Audiobooks checkout for 4 weeks at a time, and our fiction books don’t need to be checked out (no due dates!).  You can just return them when you’re done, then take some new ones.

If you’re looking for some ideas of what to read next, here are 31 books to get excited about.

There are body parts EVERYWHERE!

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We have a wide variety of human anatomy models in the Library.  You can find Homer the Skeleton, Muscle Man, Sliced Up Dude, and all of the other models in our Reference Section.

Feel free to move them around the Library or take them into the study rooms for group study sessions.  Just remember to bring them back to Reference (Security doesn’t like it when we call them about missing body parts!).

Smart kapp


The next generation of Dry-Erase boards is here!  Smart kapp allows you to save, capture, and share the information that you put onto the white board.

You can SAVE snapshots of what you write/draw to a USB drive, or you can connect your smart device to the board by first downloading the free Smart kapp app (you will need wifi and bluetooth).  By clicking on the camera icon in the app, you are able to CAPTURE images of the board and save them to your device as a JPEG or PDF files.  The app also offers real-time collaboration by allowing you to SHARE the information being written on the board with others.  So you can hold a study session even if your group is not all in one area!

See the instructions below for more information on how Smart kapp works.

SmartKapp Promo Visuals_final_7_01-page-001

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