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To see what program-specific software the Library has to offer on our computers, check out our up-to-date map and list.  You can also grab one of our “Master Software Lists” in the green folder that is located on the sign next to the printer room in the Library.  Pay attention to the specific workstations that have the software you are looking for.  It may only be at certain locations!

Best Resources for Resumes and Cover Letters


If you’re graduating at the end of this semester, you’ve probably already begun to create/revise your cover letter and resume for when you begin your job hunt.  Having a professional resume is so important because you want to present a great image of yourself and stand out from other possible candidates.

The Library has great resources available to you that will help get your cover letter/resume ready to land your dream job, so stop in today!

Don’t Forget To Log Off The Computers!


It’s very important to log off of the Library computers when you are finished in order to protect your privacy.  You should first make sure you have saved all your work to a USB drive or to your H Drive, and then logoff or restart the computer.

Click on the Start button (round windows icon on the bottom left of your screen).

On the bottom right of the dialog box that opens you will see a prompt to Log Off or Shutdown.

If the prompt says Log Off, click on it.

If the prompt says Shut down, click on the arrow next to it and then click on Restart or Log Off.

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