Want FREE Money?!?


If you’re interested in receiving free money, now is the time to apply for scholarships through NWTC!  The application for Fall 2015 scholarships is open March 1st through April 15th.  With just one application submitted, you can match up to multiple scholarships!

It’s easy to apply.  Just follow these four simple steps:

1. Log into the my.NWTC student portal

2. Click on the “Finances” header

3. Scroll down and click on the “Apply for a Scholarship” link under the “Scholarships” header

4. From there you can start an application, search for scholarships, review submitted applications, and manage your Letters of Recommendation (aka – send reminder emails to people you have requested to write a letter of recommendation, even after your application is submitted)

Visit NWTC’s scholarship web site to learn more about NWTC scholarships.

What is Starfish?


As you may have already noticed, there is something called “Starfish” that is now available to students in Blackboard.  No, it doesn’t have anything to do with the ones that live in the ocean.  Starfish is an early alert academic performance system designed to make it easy to let you know when you are doing well, and when there are areas of concern to get you back on track.  Check your my.NWTC email and Starfish frequently for updates from the people who want you to succeed!

For more information, take a look at this Starfish User Handout.

Print From Home/Mobile!


It’s true…you can print to the Library from home or from your phone now!  Using your NWTC email account, just send an email to print@nwtc.edu with your file/document attached.  The Library’s printers will recognize your NWTC email account and will load your files to your print list.  There is no need to rush to campus in order to print your document right away though, because you will have 72 hours to retrieve your print jobs.

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