Print Conservation Tips


Here are some helpful ways you can save paper:

  1. Always print your documents double-sided (unless your instructor requires your paper to be single-sided!)
  2. Always look at the “print preview” to make sure the document will print what you want.  This is especially important when you are printing from a website!
  3. Change the print settings when printing a PowerPoint so multiple slides print on each page.  See a Librarian if you need help!
  4. If you want to print in color, make sure you follow directions for how this is done so you do not accidentally print in black and white.
  5. Make sure to delete print jobs in your queue if you no longer need them.

Thank you!

“Request it” and “Book it”

Did you know that students and staff can place holds on items in the Library?  All you need to do is search our Library catalog for the book you would like and click the “Request it” button located to the right of the title.  You will then be prompted to log in with your name and ID number, and you will be able to choose which campus you would like to pick it up from.  When the book is ready you will be able to pick it up at the Library Desk.

In addition, staff are able to book employee laptops, quizdoms, and videos in advance.  They will see a “Book it” option when searching for any of these items in the catalog.



Interlibrary Loans


Having trouble locating a book that you need?  If the Library doesn’t have what you’re looking for, currently enrolled students and staff can request items through interlibrary loan using WISCAT or through the Library’s catalog.  A Librarian can also request items from other libraries for you.

When you request an item through interlibrary loan, you will be notified by email or phone when your book or article arrives.  You should allow at least a week for the item to arrive from the other library.  Interlibrary loans can then be picked up at the Library Desk.

In addition, Interlibrary loans are sent to the Green Bay campus Library.  If you would like them routed to a different campus or regional center, specify that location when you make the original loan request.

Book Nook

gfdf FullSizeRender

Early Childhood students – come visit the “Book Nook” in the Library!  There are 22 children’s books in this section, and they each have an easy-to-use guide comprised of ideas and activities that can be found in a pocket in the back of the book.

These books are located in the “PZ” section in the Library.  Ask a Librarian if you need help!

Get iPads Here!

office_ipad_main-600x300  apps_Dragon

Besides laptops, Kindles, and Nooks, students can check out iPads from the Library!  You get them for a 1 week checkout, and you can renew them up to 2 times.

Popular apps you will find on our iPads include Word, Excel, and PowerPoint in the “Office” folder.  And a really neat app called Dragon Dictation can be found in the “Take Notes” folder.  Dragon allows you to talk and instantly see the text.  You can then copy and paste the words wherever you need them to be.  Check out a tutorial on the app here.

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