Reserve a Tablet PC today!

Working on a group project?  Want to be able to talk and work together on a computer without being “shushed” by other students and the library staff?

No problem.  Now you can reserve a Tablet PC when you reserve a study room in the Library.

Just sign up for the study room using the sign up sheets on each door.  Then swing by the Lab Aide desk and sign up for a Tablet PC.  When your group meets, pick up the Tablet at the desk and you are all set.

Just a few rules:

  • You can only have the Tablet PC for 2 hours.  Then you need to check back at the desk to see if anyone else reserved it next.  If not, you can keep using it for 2 more hours.
  • If you are getting a Tablet PC for the first time, allow 10 minutes to fill out the agreement form and login.
  • Remember to bring your USB drive if you want to save anything.

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