Google Scholar and the NWTC Library


Like to search Google?  Who doesn’t!

However, when you are searching for scholarly articles it can be difficult to find them within the Google results (and often you don’t get the full-text of the article).

That’s why the NWTC Library has partnered with Google Scholar to make it easier for you to find “the good stuff” and link to the actual articles.

The next time you are looking for high-quality articles, you have several options.  You can . . .

If you are  off-campus, you need to first click on the Scholar Preferences link next to the search box and search for Northeast Wisconsin Technical College in the Library Links section.  Check the box next to our College’s name and save your preferences to return to the search box.  [You don’t need to do this step from on-campus].

Then you simply type in your keywords and Search.  You will get a results list containing scholarly articles on your subject.  Google will also give you a link to the article through NWTC’s Library if we have it available through one of our 15,000 e-journals! 


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