Who is in the Library to help you?

Meet our staff and find out how they can help you be successful!

They are always smiling at you and looking very helpful, but do you know who they are and what they can do for you?

Julie Chapman is our Supervisor of Library Instruction.  She answers reference questions and teaches sessions on finding information, evaluating it, using it to complete your assignments, and citing it to avoid plagiarism.  You can usually find her at the Reference Desk in the middle of the Library, ready to help you start your work.  You can also reach her through the Ask a Librarian service (via chat, text, email, or phone).

Ellen Bricco, Ashley Schilcher, Cheryl Morin, Amy Mollberg (Sturgeon Bay) and Terri Radandt (Marinette) are waiting at the Circulation Desks to help you find materials, check them out, locate reserve materials, request interlibrary loans, make copies, renew items, and return your materials.   They also answer any questions you have about the Library or its physical and online resources. 

Carole Parish, Beverly Mueller, and our student workers roam the computer areas of the Library to help you do your homework, write papers, use program-specific software, navigate your online classes, scan, print, etc.  They can also help you to increase your computer confidence through their Ask a Lab Tech service.  To get their attention quickly without leaving your computer, just use the new Alert Library Staff icon on each computer.

Kim LaPlante is the Manager of Product Research and Library Services and can help you with all of the above.  She also takes recommendations for ordering new materials and answers any policy or fine-related questions.

Please feel free to interrupt any of us at any time to ask for assistance.  (We love questions!)


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