Y Procrastinate??

Have you ever waited to start an assignment because you had questions or felt confused about how to begin? Need help finding a peer-reviewed article, book, or DVD?  Do you feel confident writing citations or an annotated bibliography?


If you have ever waited ‘till the last minute to start an assignment,  This time consider starting early to give yourself  a bit more time to do well.  Remember, Interlibrary Loan takes at least a week.  Intercampus loans need a few days for mailing.  Be one of the very first to seek a needed resource from our huge selection (100,000) of materials.

When you want to work from home and need assistance, phone (920) 498-5493. Email ask.library@nwtc.edu  Text 920-288 2-ASK (920-288-2275.) For computer support, contact the Help Desk at 1-866-235-5037. (Local 920-498-6900) Also consider the Ask-a –Librarian link on the Library home page.

Our usual hours are Monday-Thursday, 7 am-10 pm, Fridays from 7-4:30, and Saturdays (when classes are in session) from 8-4:00 pm. 

Remember: sooner is better than later.

 We are here to help!


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