Weekly Tips … check them out!

As you enter the Lab, check out the whiteboard for weekly “helpful” tips!  This week is about saving your files and protecting your identity. 

*Did you know you have an “H” drive?    NWTC provides storage space for your documents while logged into a campus computer.   You can access your H drive from any NWTC computer on campus.

  1. From the File tab click “Save As” and browse to your student ID# under Computer. 
  2. Double click it and continue with the saving process. 
  3. You can also access your H drive from the desktop by clicking on Computer and click on your ID#.

*Using a USB to save your files? 

Place a Notepad file on your drive to identify yourself and provide contact information.

  1. Click on the Start (Windows) Button
  2. Select “All Programs”
  3. Select  the Accessories folder and click on Notepad to open it
  4. Type in your personal contact information (name, cell #/home#, email, etc.)
  5. Select File>Save As and select USB drive to save the file to it.
  6. Remember to safely remove your USB and take it with you. 

Should you forget your USB, we can easily get it back to you if you have your contact information on it. 

Any questions, please ask.  We are here to help you!



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