Print Conservation

Save a tree AND get your printing done with your print conservation account!

 Did you know that:

  • Students enrolled in credit courses receive 400 free prints in Fall and Spring semester (and 200 free prints in Summer semester). Students get their free print quotas at the time they enroll in classes for a term (not at the beginning of the actual term)
  • When you graduate, or simply stop attending classes, your print account will remain available for three consecutive terms, including the last active one. Example: You attended the Spring 2012 term, then graduated. Your print account will be available through the Summer and Fall Terms of 2012. It will expire at the end of the Fall 2012 term.
  • Printing costs are $.05 per black and white page (or for two duplexed sides) and $.25 per color page (or for two duplex pages).
  • Students enrolled in non-credit classes and community members may purchase a print card for $2.00 that is good for one year.  The card allows individuals to log in independently and print.
  • To add more money to your account, ask Library or Lab staff for assistance.


           So printing is a SNAP…er, not a snap! (No Snap!) If you see the printer is Snap, ask a staff member for assistance.  Printers are 215P4, 227P1 or P2, or 227P3—in color! 



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