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Bigger and Better Computers!

Library Lab

During the summer, we were busy! Almost all of the computers in the library and computer lab have been virtualized.  One result of this process is the monitors have been upgraded from 15″ to 20″. The virtual box is located on the back of the monitors which leaves much more space for books and class materials at the kiosks. New quiet keyboards and mice accompany this setup. Our “physical” machines are the same, but are scheduled for upgrades sometime in the near future. This will result in faster computers and larger monitors. NWTC’s IT staff is working hard to reduce login times, and make printing quick and efficient.


Where can I get the snazzy handouts from Welcome Week?

We’ve been having a great time getting to know new students during Welcome Week.  If you lost your handouts (or did not see us during the week), you can access our Tips and Tricks handouts for Blackboard and Library Research at the sites below.

Blackboard handouts

Library handouts 

Remember that the Library staff is ready to help you with walk-in Blackboard assistance, computer issues, and research help during our Library hours.

What Ever Can It Mean? And How to Say it?

Do you ever need assistance defining, spelling, or pronouncing a word? Do you understand text abbreviations? In his book How to Find out Anything Don MacLeod referred to the website at Type a word in the search box and click the magnifying glass for a definition. You can click on the word Listen to hear the correct pronunciation. Click on See in Thesaurus for synonyms, or on See in a Sentence for examples of the word in context.

For spelling assistance, go to at the following site: Type a possible spelling in the search box.

Finally, for help deciphering texting abbreviations, go to Digispeak at The definition you seek may appear there.

Alert the Library Staff Without Leaving the Computer

You can raise your hand virtually!

Each computer in the Library now has an icon that lets you alert the Library staff and request assistance.

So if you need help on the computer, the people around you are too noisy, you notice a printer issue, you spot a lost USB drive, etc. you can just click on the Library Alert icon and let us know what the problem is.

You can even tell us what computer you are using or remain anonymous!

Library Lab Tech’s are standing by . . .

Need to Watch a DVD?

No problem!  We have plenty of options for you.

If you are on one of our upgraded computers, you can ask the Library Lab Techs for headphones and an external DVD drive.
If you are on one of our regular computers (located in the rows by the windows), you just need to ask for the headphones (or bring your own if you prefer).


If you’d like to watch without headphones, just sign up for one of our 10 study rooms and use the DVD players with the large television sets.  In these rooms, you can even bring in popcorn and a drink to help you enjoy the show!