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Library Remodeling Project

While construction is going on this summer at the library, we will be taking snapshots and documenting the progress for you.  Please feel free to view the “Library Remodeling Project” album on our Flickr account, which can be found here:



Body Parts Everywhere! – New Anatomy Models in the Library

Come meet Pat, our new torso model with 20 removable body parts (including both male and female parts)!  Pat hangs out in the Reference Section with Homer the Skeleton, Muscle Man, Sliced Up Dude, and all of the other models that you can visit. 

Feel free to move them around the Library or take them into the study rooms for group study sessions.  Just remember to bring them back to Reference (Security does not like it when we call them about missing body parts)!


Need to Make a Recording?

Check out a microphone headset!

Testing.  1… 2… 3…
If you need to record your voice for a class, come to the Library and check out one of our microphones. 
They come with instructions on how to use them with a computer to record your voice and email the file to your instructor or to yourself!
You can also take one of our four tablet PCs into a Library study room and use the built-in microphone to make your recording.